Our Mission:
Rooted in social and environmental justice, EcoStation:NY explores the intersection of the two through community food and sustainable urban agriculture projects, that educate, inspire, and empower.

Our Vision:
We aim to build stronger neighborhoods by educating students, residents, and consumers on the connection between food, the environment, and personal well being. We explore this connection through experiential learning, and stewardship opportunities at our farm and markets, and in the neighborhood-at-large.

Our Strategy:
EcoStation began in 2009, on a a vacant site, overrun with weeds and shrubs. We cleared the land, removing stumps and large rocks with pickaxes and elbow grease, transforming the lot to our first farmers’ market and an urban oasis. Since then, we have initiated innovative, interrelated programs to address the issues of human and global health, and the effects of our current food system upon both.

Our motto is “give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” We empower people to grow, select, and prepare food for themselves through an array of activities at our farm and markets, and through supplemental workshops offered by partner organizations. These trainings have extensive impact and are an important platform for knowledge sharing, and also connect participants from varied ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Food connects us all, but for those born in inner city neighborhoods, “fresh” food has lost meaning. Convenience foods -- fast food and pre-packaged meals -- have become a diet staple for many. With limited access to green space and fresh food, the connection to the natural world is minimized, and environmental awareness is limited. EcoStation discovered the solution to this problem is exposure: to encourage our community to care about health and the environment, we grow food. We then harvest it, share it, and celebrate it.