Rooted in social and environmental justice, EcoStation:NY is exploring the intersection of the two through community food and sustainable urban agriculture projects that educate, inspire, and empower.
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In the span of just five short years, EcoStation:NY has initiated several major, innovative, interralated projects in Bushwick, Brooklyn, an area marked by poverty rates as high as 38% and soaring rates of diet-related, preventable illness.

We are addressing issues of sustainability, opening dialogue about the interconnectedness of human and environmental health, and the effects of our current food system upon both.

At Bushwick Campus Farm, EcoStation:NY is training the next generation of environmental and food justice leaders.

At Bushwick Farmers' Market, EcoStation:NY is connecting a community in need with fresh, local produce, and supporting the regional family farms that grow it.

At Farm-in-the-Sky, is EcoStation:NY is exploring traditional and experimental, low-cost and scalable "DIY" techniques – and NYC's last great frontier: rooftops.

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EcoStation thanks the
following for their support:

Green Guerillas

Citizens Committee
for New York City

Brooklyn Community Foundation

Council Member Diana Reyna

Empire State Development

Willam & Mary Greve Foundation

Con Edison

Community Partners:

Green Guerillas

Just Food

Brooklyn Dept of Public Health Office

Bushwick Campus

Make the Road New York

El Puente Bushwick Leadership Center
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