Bushwick Farmers' Market

Christy and Christhian, our Outreach Coordinators, dressed to the nines for ¡CALABAZAFEST!
At Bushwick Farmers' Market, EcoStation:NY is connecting a community in need with fresh, local produce, and supporting the regional family farms that grow it.

Now entering its fifth year under EcoStation:NY management, Bushwick Farmers’ Market has grown tremendously. Originally one market site open five hours a week with only one farmer, Bushwick Farmers' Market is currently in five weekly locations throughout Bushwick and open three days a week (usually 8 hours/day), June to mid-November.

Bushwick has poverty rates as high as 38%, and soaring rates of preventable, diet-related illness. Improving the neighborhood's access to nutritious, lccally-grown food is a primary goal.

In outreach visits with area community groups, we discuss the many benefits and incentives of buying local, from supporting family-owned farms, to considering the human and environmental impacts of the food we eat.

Bushwick Farmers' Market carries a mix of organic, local, and "hyper-local" grown at EcoStation's nearby farm sites (Bushwick Campus Farm and Farm-in-the-Sky).

We strive to make our markets friendly and accessible to all, both customer and farmer, providing an affordable and supportive venue for our threatened small family farms. Many of our farmer friends are immigrants, their cultural heritage flavoring our markets.

  • Live cooking and nutrition demonstrations by
    Brooklyn Dept. of Health's Stellar Markets progam

  • We honor WIC/EBT, Health Bucks, Fresh Connect Coupons,
    FMNP Checks, and Senior FMNP Checks

  • Local and regional family-owned farms, many from
    GrowNYC’s New Farmer Development Project

  • Opportunities for community volunteers
    and local entrepreneurs

  • Community food waste collection for
    compost production at EcoStation farm sites

  • Free community events featuring food, live music, spoken word, and dance, including ¡CALABAZAFEST!

More about Bushwick Farmers' Market, including times & locations at: www.BushwickFarmersMarket.org

Travis Tench,
Director of Markets,
EcoStation:NY Co-Founder

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Bushwick Farmers' Market Green Machine

Christy and Christhian, our Outreach Coordinators, dressed to the nines for ¡CALABAZAFEST!
is a cross-cultural mashup and community celebration of
Day of the Dead, Halloween, and Harvest Fair traditions, with an environmental twist.

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